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A Service Of

A Service Of


ClipSentry answers the call of thousands of Independent Content Producers, Copyright Holders, and Artists who want to enjoy the same services Takedown Piracy provides their big studio and clip-store clients. In addition to more traditional methods used to seek, find, and remove infringements from thousands of sites, including Search Engines, File Lockers, Torrents, Blogs, Forums, and Social Media, producers can have video content digitally fingerprinted, detected, and removed across more than 130+ tube sites and counting. Our systems work 24/7/365, because piracy never sleeps!

Added to our traditional and proprietary methods, the Digital Fingerprinting Technology that powers ClipSentry has aided Takedown Piracy in removing (not just reporting) over 148 million infringements from the Internet. Most impressive and unique to us, this specialized technology does not require integration or the cooperation of the tube sites! In short, this service is faster, sharper, more efficient, and broader, than anything else the industry has to offer.

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130 million+ DMCA Removals
9 million+ Tube Site Removals from Content ID
50 thousand+ Clip Producers Protected
75 thousand+ Videos Scanned Daily
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DMCA Services Monthly Subscription
$ 150 *
  • Search Engine Removal
  • Keyword/Meta Search
  • Tube, Torrent, File Locker, Social Media, Blog, and Forum Monitoring
  • 24/7 Content Monitoring
  • Image Removal
  • Visual Content ID System and Time Machine Database
  • Specialized Digital Fingerprinting
  • User Friendly Web Portal
  • Real-time DMCA Statistics
  • Unlimited Takedown Requests

* If you are a Management Agency or Traditional Studio, please contact us for a customized quote.


Passion and Experience

Takedown Piracy is the leading Content Protection/Copyright Enforcement service in the industry. We work with most of the largest and well-known studios and clip stores in the world! Experts in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), we work to garner the fastest infringement removals possible, using highly developed strategies, tested and proven with over more than a decade of experience and success.

True Content ID

To date, ClipSentry’s Content ID/Digital Fingerprinting system has visually scanned over 200 million tube videos, to identify infringements, as well as copyright holders. Using advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by our technology partner AV Registry, our system counteracts uploaded infringements – even with distortions, clipping, cropping, low sample rates, abstract naming, and other tactics pirates employ. These maneuvers simply can’t get around our technology! In addition, our exclusive system allows us to create a digital record, so we can “go back in time,” and find older infringements as we add new fingerprints for our clients. Simply put, if you sign up with us now, we can still find infringements from years ago, and remove them.

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Testimonials Here's what our clients are saying...
"Since I started working with Takedown Piracy, I no longer need to spend hours scouring the internet for my content. They are able to find and report hundreds of items in a fraction of the time. I only wish I’d found them, sooner!" - Eva Lovia
"I’m writing this because these guys and gals at Takedown Piracy and ClipSentry.com get the job done. If you're looking to have your hard earned work removed from sites that take it, look no further. Highly recommend 💯💯💯!!!!" - Dredd
"I use the Takedown Piracy service and have been amazed at the level of discovery and confiscation of my stolen content that goes far above any other DMCA services that I utilize, and I have several. The fingerprinting technology used by Takedown Piracy truly shines since it can identify the encoded bitstream of the video files from the digital fingerprint regardless of the file name or directory title or webpage title. This is really useful since other DMCA services will search my name or stage name, but when a file is renamed or the originator title is hidden or changed, they can no longer find the content. Takedown Piracy will always identify the encoded bits of my files and issue the takedown notice in efficient and speedy manner. Takedown Piracy has been a huge asset in combating the daily collection of stolen content: automated, efficient, supremely accurate." - Mrs Poindexter
"Takedown Piracy has been a career saver!! I make my living as an individual content creator. Last year, nearly two years’ worth of my private content was stolen and uploaded to every region of the internet, I was devastated! I saw my subscriptions stagger to grow as more and more of my copyrighted content was now free and in the hands of internet pirates. At the time, I knew nothing about DMCA but I knew requesting hundreds of takedowns would be more work than I could ever do alone. Where would I even start? After searching the internet for a solution I came across Takedown Piracy from another adult performer. I read so many raving reviews, just like this one, and I decided that Takedown Piracy was THE service to call.

Reba was beyond helpful, all-the-while giving me reassurance that their services would be my solution. She was right! I have been a client with TDP for many months now and they have helped remove thousands of infringing content all across the internet. From file locker sites to tube sites, nearly everything has been removed. A 404 error never looked so good!

Their services are super easy to use with the aid of Clipsentry. I can easily report infringing sites, upload videos for fingerprinting and see the stats on everything removed to date. I can do all that and more right from my phone or laptop. If I ever have an issue, Reba has always been an email away with a prompt friendly response. Seeing all the copies of takedown notices from Nate in my inbox really makes me feel they are working hard so I don’t have to.

I can’t fully express how reassured I am posting my content now. I spend less time tracking down infringements and more time making the content that I love. They truly offer peace of mind in an industry where piracy is commonplace. They really live up to their name and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for takedown services."
- Caden Jackson
"Takedown Piracy is the BEST takedown service. We’ve used 2 other takedown services (in the past), but none have been anywhere NEAR as effective as Takedown Piracy! Reba and Nate have many years of experience, use unique ways of finding leaked content, and genuinely care about their clientele. In short, we can’t wait to continue working with them, and fighting the pirates!" - Audrey and Sadie
"I am very satisfied with the professionalism of Takedown Piracy. They are always available and very kind. They reply very fast, delete illegal content very fast, and send a full report of their removals. They are doing a great job! I can sleep tight. I know they are here to take care of my content." - Stallion Fabio
"I recently hired Takedown Piracy, and I’m so glad I did! They have been so quick to take down my leaked content. There was one site in particular that was up for months with many unsuccessful takedown requests. Takedown Piracy was able to get it removed for me with the first attempt! Reba was so knowledgeable in my initial consultation. The communication has been stellar, throughout. I would 100% recommend Takedown Piracy. I can now post my content without as much stress, knowing that they have my back." - Elizabeth 88


Frequently asked questions

Got questions? We have an answer.

If you have a question not in the FAQ, please send it our way through the contact form and we'll get back to you promptly.

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Click here to Sign-Up, or reach out to us through the Contact form below if you have questions. The sign-up process is simple, and typically takes at most 5 minutes.

Most sites do comply with our DMCA notices, but there are a few sites that do not.

Every site is different. The DMCA doesn’t (specifically) give an amount of time, within which a site must respond, but it can take from a couple of hours, to several days.

Occasionally, we come across a site that refuses to comply with a DMCA notice. In that instance, we will attempt to escalate to their payment processor or web host. There are no guarantees, but we do go the extra mile, and some sites that do not respond to individual producers, do respond to our notices.

Often-times, if a site does not respond to DMCA notices, we can still get the URL removed from Google, making the non-responsive site’s pirated content more difficult to find.

Send us the URL to that video or image, and we will verify and issue a notice, if appropriate. If it’s a site we don’t (already) monitor, and it’s a good candidate (meaning it has good traffic or monitoring it would benefit all our clients), we will add it to our monitoring program.

Digital Fingerprints are tiny bits of data pulled from a video using a set of special forensic techniques. Our system automatically extracts these fingerprints from your clips and loads them into our Content ID system.

The Content ID system scans clips on piracy sites for videos that match the digital fingerprints for your video. When the system detects a match, a "hit" is recorded, and sent to our anti-piracy specialists for review. When we identify an infringement, we validate the identification, and issue a DMCA notice on your behalf.

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact us.

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For PR and media information - Contact Reba Rocket, Vice President Marketing and Communication, reba@takedownpiracy.com